Why You Should Wax Your Eyebrows, Not Pluck Them

Shaping your eyebrows is something you've always done to help you achieve healthier, prettier brows. You want to get the most out of your experience, and you fear that plucking them all the time is doing more harm than good. You may actually be right, and having your eyebrows waxed at a licensed salon may be your better option. Consider eyebrow waxing over plucking when it comes to your brows; here are just a few reasons why.

You get better results

Plucking your brows will give you some relief and some shaping of your brows, but you'll get better results from having your brows waxed instead. What waxing your brows will do is to shape your brows instantly so you can get greater definition and more even lines on both brows by removing multiple hairs at once. What plucking does is simply remove a few hairs at a time, which will give you minimal results.

You get healthier brows

Every brow hair you pluck leaves behind a red and irritated area that can get infected and show signs of swelling, particularly if you have a pair of tweezers that are older or not specifically designed for brow hair removal. Your waxing specialist, by contrast, uses a special waxing kit that applies gentle pressure to your brows to remove multiple hairs easily and with as little pain and irritation as possible. This results in a healthier brow line and skin that will remain healthy and beautiful for longer, so you can shape your brows without worrying about destroying your hair follicles or your natural brow line in the process.

You get prettier brows

Plucking your brows is intended to get a few stray hairs that are difficult to remove with a piece of waxing strip, it is not intended to fully remove your eyebrow entirely or to be used for main eyebrow removal. Plucking will help finish off the work of waxing, but you'll get prettier, more defined, and more natural-looking eyebrows if you have them waxed instead. Your eyebrow waxing specialist will give you multiple options for removing your eyebrow hair so you can choose the style that works best for you.

Your brow specialist will help you tame your brows and give you an eyebrow makeover you will love. Before your appointment, remove your makeup and arrive at your appointment early so you can speak with your brow artist about any concerns you have about your eyebrows.

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